Faculty of Marine Sciences

Association of technicians and administrators

A forum for administrative and technical dialogue has been made to apply the idea of establishing an association in the Faculty of Marine Sciences. The association will be concerned with creating a civilized, positive, and interconnected work environment to promote a spirit of belonging among employees, and it will be supportive of all the concerns of the employees, and the interests of work. This will be achieved by consolidating social cohesion among the staff of the sector and by studying the most prominent obstacles they face. The association will strive to achieve their ambitions and desires by creating an organized administrative entity.

To disseminate and implement this idea, a meeting has been held to discuss the nomination of a president of the association, a vice president and a secretary of the board.

Board of Directors


Professor / Waheed bin Abdul-Ilah Mackie


Professor / Nayef bin Hamad Alessa

Vice President

Professor / Salman bin Ali Alahmadi

Association Secretary


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Last Update 11/9/2017 10:50:18 AM