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Marine Sciences is one of the most important applied sciences in modern times was primarily concerned with studying of the oceans and seas, which occupy about 71% of the total area of our planet. One can not in any way to ignore such a high percentage of the area of our globe without examining them and revealing its secrets and exploitation of its best scientific techniques.

The mineral sources of our land started to growing fast as a result of heavy exploitation to meet the requirements of the world's population that was doubled during the last few decades. We find that the balance of the sea from these metals is more as less constant. The world is moving to the sea as a large mines for most metals and chemical elements. The sources of energy are reducing gradually ; the world is looking for alternatives, including the exploitation of sea waves and tides and water temperature differences in large oceans between the surface and depths for the production of energy. The sea is short and is currently the most main important source of food, minerals, fresh water and energy and this is the reason for the attention of the world's developed countries to study the oceans and seas and spending generously on research programs designed to explore and exploit the wealth of living and non living through top universities that teach marine science to various disciplines.

The University of King Abdul Aziz has taken into consideration in 1976 (1395 H) these things in mind and established in 1395 a section of Marine Science affiliated to the Faculty of Science and the study was limited initially to educate to train marine undergraduate, and due to the study of marine science could not be confined to one discipline, all disciplines of Marine Sciences were to taught. So an order was issued by the Supreme Council of the University of No. 2 on 6/7/1398 e establishment of the Institute of Marine Sciences was initiated on four departments, the Marine Biology , Marine Physics, Marine Chemistry, marine geology, in order to carry out their scientific education and research, and then change the name of the Marine Science Institute to Faculty of Marine Sciences according to the decision of the Supreme Council of the University on 18/4/1401 AH (corresponding to 2/22/1981).

Shipping industry has developed among marine sciences disciplines, consequently the marine science and maritime transport industry are linked with each other. The College of Marine Studies create different disciplines, which includes three divisions; Division of navigation; division of hydrographic survey; Division of Marine Engineering and the Division of Ports and Maritime Transport. The integrated task-disciplinary marine science and maritime transport-disciplinary task was started in accordance with the approval of the Supreme Council of the League at its forty-third meeting held on 28.12.1411, (corresponding to 10/7/1991), in its resolution No. (8) referred to a letter of the Secretary-General of the League Council on 5724/200 13/1/1412 H on the establishment of Marine Studies Department for comprising of the students three navigation and hydrographic survey, marine engineering, ports and maritime transport...

Dean of Faculty of Marine Sciences 


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