Faculty of Marine Sciences




The Faculty of Marine Sciences, since its establishment, has undertaken  the following tasks:

  • Qualifying human resources academically at the undergraduate and Masters levels for work in both the public and private sectors in the areas of marine sciences.
  • Conducting basic and applied research in the field of marine sciences.
  • Following up on various marine phenomenon and their regional and local effects.
  • Studying the marine environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Studying marine resources for the purpose of optimal use.
  • Setting up seminars, conferences, and specialized scientific courses.
  • Cooperating with scientific institutions, and national, Arabic and international commissions that are related to marine sciences by providing scientific and technical consultations.
  • Community service by:
  • Contributing to promote environmental awareness in collaboration with national, Arab, and international institutions and commissions,.
  • Contributing to the campaigns of cleaning beaches and coral reefs, and the organization of programs to preserve and protect the marine environment.
  • Contributing to awareness enhancement and optimal investment of resources.
  • Establishing training courses in the field of marine sciences and marine environment for the relevant sectors of society.



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Last Update 4/14/2016 1:11:14 PM