Faculty of Marine Sciences

3rd Scientific Meeting

Under the auspices of the Prisedent of KAU
Prof. Osama Bin Sadiq Tayeb
The Faculty of Marine Sciences organaized a Scientific Meeting entitled:
( Climate Change and Its Impact on The Marine Environment )
With the participation of a group of university faculty members and officials from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
And the Regional Commission for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden On Tuesday, 28/6/1432 AH 
Agenda :-

9:30 am     The Holy Quran 
 9:39 am      Opening Statement
Prof. Sultan Samaran Al-Lahibi (Coordinator of the meeting - Faculty of Marine Sciences
 9:45 am     How Oceanographers Should Look to Climate Change
Dr. Abdullah Al-Subhi               (Faculty of Marine Sciences
 10:10 am        PERSGA Strategy and Program for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
Prof. Ziad Abu Gharara             (
 10:35 am     The Ocean's Role in Climate Change
Prof. Jamis Loton                      (KAUST)
 11:00 am     Climate Change Signals in Saudi Arabia 
Dr. Atia Al-Mazroei                 (Faculty of Metorology)
 11:25 - 12:30    General discussion 
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