Faculty of Marine Sciences

Faculty Branches

In addition to the main building of the Faculty of Marine Sciences on campus in Jeddah, there are two branches of the faculty, in Sharm Abhor and Rabig. In these branches, there are units and facilities that support the work of the sections, namely:

The Faculty Library :

The library contains more than three thousand titles and more than four thousand volumes, and these books are some of the most important in the field of Marine Sciences. The library includes a general books section, a textbooks section, a reference books section, a special collections section, and periodicals and lending sections. The library uses index cards arranged alphabetically according to the names of authors, titles and headings. The library offers a photo copy service, and there is a terminal unit equipped with a printer. The unit is linked with the information base located in the Deanship of Library affairs, which allows the library to obtain published research in all scientific journals through its direct contact with the base.

Museum of Embalmed Marine Creatures :

It is a marine museum that includes a large number of stuffed specimens of creatures from the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. They are used as reference samples for classification for the purposes of scientific research and the education and training of students. This museum is the only one of its kind in the Kingdom. It is frequented by visitors from inside and outside the city of Jeddah, and not only by school students.

Aquarium :

It has see-through aquariums that display many creatures from the Red Sea, such as marine invertebrates. These creatures appear in their natural attractive shapes and colors.

 Fish Farm  :

The faculty owns a fish farm for the purposes of study, research and training students to cultivate marine organisms. It is currently being redesigned, expanded, and modernized. New units are being added to keep up with modern technological developments in this field.

 Sea Boats :

The faculty has a number of sea boats that are equipped to collect samples for the purposes of study, research and field training for students. The faculty has also two piers, the second having recently been completed as part of the faculty’s development plans.


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